Infographic: 26 Very Pinteresting Stats

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Just to give a brief introduction: Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board that allows you to save (or rather ‘pin’) anything you find online. It almost works like a bulletin board. People are using it for recipes, fashion, design inspiration, home decor, marketing… you name it and you can pin it. So how can your business benefit from Pinterest? Here’s a couple of pointers. Firstly, you can drive traffic to your website from Pinterest by having pinnable images with a reference link to your website. It’s often as easy as…read more

How to create a successful online presence

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Digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular and you can’t afford not to have a good online presence. Online visibility and credibility is very important. Here are a few tips on achieving online success. Build it and they will come? Not so easily. It takes time and effort to build an online presence. Be prepared to set a budget for ongoing marketing efforts, analytics and content management. Identify your target audience. Once you’ve identified their demographic characteristics, you can base your marketing on this information and tailor your content to address…read more

How To Set Up A WordPress Website

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So you’ve decided to build a WordPress website. Where do you start? First of all, choose a domain name. Find a domain name that’s easy to say and spell. It should reflect your business name. Do not use hyphens and numbers. They can be confusing and are often mistyped. Find a reliable hosting company. Your hosting company should be able to register your domain name and display your pages on the web. A reliable hosting company will handle all server and DNS related issues for you. Install WordPress. Ask your…read more

Infographic: Things to note before you develop a website

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I found this really cool infographic explaining the different elements that goes into a good website. While a proper web developer should know all these things on your behalf, it’s good to get a brief overview of what’s what before you dive into the whole process of getting your website up and running. One point that I do want to highlight is hosting (number 2 on the infographic). It is very important to choose a reliable hosting company. A good hosting company offers a secure environment for your website and…read more

Design Tips: Typography

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Sure, graphics, colours and images are important when it comes to designing, but choosing the right font to go with it can really make a statement. A few years ago, web designers were restricted to a couple of ‘web safe’ fonts, but these days there are loads of web fonts to choose from, creating endless possibilities. It should be noted that not all fonts work well on websites, though. Tips on choosing fonts: It is important to take your time when choosing a font, otherwise your design will look rushed…read more

Web Design Trend: Flat Design

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Flat design has been around for a while, but with more and more websites showcasing this type of design, flat design has become a very popular and trendy user-interface design style over the last couple of years. Microsoft was one of the first companies to introduce this style with their mobile interfaces. And now they use it with Windows 8 as well. Google also showcases flat design on all their sites. What exactly is flat design? With its minimalistic approach and clean, open structure, this style is very user-centric and…read more

Video: A Powerful Marketing Tool

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Video is becoming a very popular online marketing tool. It grabs attention in a way that text and photos simply can’t. I don’t know about you, but I’ll much rather watch a short video than read through paragraphs and paragraphs of content. And creating videos for your business does not have to be a costly affair. Video-cameras are very affordable or you can even use the camera on your smartphone. What can video be used for? More and more modern businesses are using videos to: demonstrate their products or services,…read more

WordPress: a powerful CMS

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I love WordPress! And I’m not the only one. According to WordPress Stats (Jan 2014) there are 74,959,942 WordPress websites in the world. That’s quite impressive. So why is it so popular? It’s an open-source framework… Which means that it’s free to download and use! And there are loads of free plugins available for any extra functionality you might need. On that note… There’s a plugin for (almost) everything. Need a contact form? An event calendar? A newsletter sign-up form? Spam protection? Chances are there’s a plugin for that! And…read more

Responsive Website Design: What You Need To Know

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Responsive website design… what does that mean? And why is everyone going on about it?  For an example of a responsive website, visit my web portfolio and drag your browser window to a smaller size. You will see that the website ‘responds’ to the size of the browser window. I found this really cool infographic that explains the whole concept in detail. Infographic Courtesy of Hall Internet Marketing

Tips for Mobile Design

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Images via Pinterest Optimizing your website for mobile devices is big news (and basically a ‘must-do’) these days. Think about it – people want information now, any time anywhere. So they grab their mobiles or tablets to find what they need on the internet. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a website for mobile devices: 1.    Built a responsive website rather than a separate mobi-site. This is probably up for discussion, but in my opinion a responsive site should work on all devices, including tablets,…read more